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Darwin Alternative Investment Management Limited (Darwin Alternatives) offers innovative, alpha-driven investment solutions and aims to provide long-term investors with absolute returns which can enhance capital and provide stable levels of income.

Our belief is that diversifying away from mainstream financial assets is key to generating the best possible returns for an investment portfolio. We offer investment strategies that are completely uncorrelated with traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds and property. 

Darwin Alternatives is the Investment Advisor to the Darwin Leisure Property Fund and Darwin Leisure Development Fund, which both invest in UK holiday parks, along with the Darwin Bereavement Services Fund, which invests in crematoria, cemeteries and other bereavement service assets.  Please note that these funds are only available to Professional and Institutional investors.

The Darwin Bereavement Services Fund's portfolio of crematoria, cemeteries and memorial parks offer an essential service to local communities. We aspire to change the direction of the burial industry by offering spacious, attractive grounds that are celebrations of life. We are shaping the cremation industry by introducing innovative technology such as electric cremators, which have significant environmental benefits. Across all of these businesses we are committed to providing exceptional service to bereaved families and their friends. 
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Memoria is owned by the Darwin Bereavement Services Fund and is the UK’s third largest developer and operator of private crematoria and memorial parks.  Memoria’s portfolio of 11 high-quality crematoria across England and Wales has been built with a single vision to deliver the best possible standards of service and facility to look after bereaved families. 

Memoria is widely recognised as an industry leader and innovator, having introduced the first electric cremator to the UK at its North Oxfordshire site in October 2020. Electric cremators can reduce carbon emissions from cremation by 90%.

Through its Affordable Funerals business, Memoria is also one of the country’s largest supplier of online, fulfilled direct cremation and attended funeral fixed price packages. The cost of funerals is becoming of increasing concern to many - the average cost is now £4,000 - and the direct cremation and funeral plans markets have been established to try and ease the financial burden of funerals. Those looking to plan ahead and pay for their own funerals can benefit from purchasing a funeral plan whilst direct cremations offer the most cost-effective funeral provision for those needing to pay for funerals for a loved one. 
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The Darwin Bereavement Services Fund acquired GreenAcres' portfolio of six high-quality and differentiated cemetery and ceremonial parks at its launch in 2018.   Each of the GreenAcres Parks offer natural woodland settings and aim to provide a contemporary and distinctive space for personalised funerals and life celebrations. The 260 acres of carefully managed woodlands, meadowland, and grounds offer tranquil, unique space for burial, ash internment and scattering, in a more reflective environment compared to traditional cemeteries. They offer a multi-faith approach including Eternal Gardens, which was specifically designed, built and operated for the Muslim community.

GreenAcres offers a range of memorial events, workshops and support programmes to help people process and come to terms with grief and loss and to help others to do the same. Indeed, the peer to peer monthly bereavement groups are considered a life-line by many.
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